State Wheels Provides Neutral Tech & Wheel Support

Tulsa, Oklahoma: June 9 – 11, 2017 State Cycling Wheels will be the Official Neutral Support for the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Criteriums & Gran Fondos, providing mechanic and neutral wheel support. This unique three-day cycling festival is a one of a kind experience for racers, riders, and spectators. The event centers on the beautiful downtown Tulsa, along the banks of the Arkansas River. With State Wheels moving to the forefront of the support capacity for the entire event, this allows us the opportunity to show case our top-level alloy and carbon wheelsets to some of the best crit racers in the country.

“State Wheels has been providing neutral support for our Gran Fondos in recent years. The feedback we received from our participants was so positive it was a no-brainer to add them to the race side. Our experience with the staff at State Wheels has been the same as the quality of their wheels – outstanding. We’re proud to be associated with them as the Official Neutral Support of the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.”

                                                                                             Malcolm McCollam, Executive Director of Tulas Tough


I have been a competitor at Tulsa Tough for years. And when we started State Wheels over 7 years ago it was always a goal of mine to be the Official Neutral Support of the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Criteriums. Tulsa Tough is the premier racing weekend for hard pounding, crit racer in the United States. It’s quite an honor to get the nod to support this prestigious event. We are thankful to Malcolm and his team for the years of neutral support work we have produced together with the Grand Fondos. We are certainly excited to step-up our roll in supporting the criteriums for 2017.

We will be providing a fleet of 50W as well as the 50/80 wheelsets. With their top level mechanics for the criterium events. Additionally, State Wheels partnered with Argon18 which will be supplying a fleet of flagship, Nitrogen Pro and Gallium Pro models. For racers to use should they have catastrophic failures to their own bikes on the racecourse.

This is a PROUD “moment” for State Wheels! Hope to see you out there is weekend. Come by, say hi and check out some fast wheels! 

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